Cast – Driver

The Driver, Driver

The Driver, Driver

Ainsley Driver

Age: 24

Current Goal: Find a Date.

First Appearance: 25. Got a Lift?

Bio: Driver comes from a long line of retainers to the Garrott family and has been serving under Mordred since they were children.

Her services are usually restricted to driving and gopher duties, but occasionally she’ll be forced to put up with the odd request.

Though, as long as it’s for Mordred you won’t hear a peep of a complaint from this lady.

Author Notes: Ah, Driver. It’s fun to see how far a joke can go. Wiglaf and Mordred are regretably, rather feminine and have been mistaken for girls more times than I care to count. So I thought it would be fun to have a girl that gets mistaken for a boy.

And I really wanted someone to do the driver pun. It was just too good to pass up and thus her name was born.

The accent was an after thought that worked better than I had anticipated. Especially since it can get more and more unintelligible when she becomes upset or flustered.

Her crush on Mordred was something I had considered for a while. I knew that Driver was someone who had been with Mordred since they were children, but whether or not she was in love was another story. After a bit of thought, I figured ‘what the heck’ and went with it.

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