Cast – Galen


The Doctor, Galen


Age: 36

Current Goal: Perfect her technique.

First Appearance: 242. Run

Bio: Her nickname is “The Doctor” but she’d prefer you call her “Nurse.”

Galen is one of the most feared employees of the Garrott family and as such finds herself working directly for the (retired) Madame Garrott.

Her specialties include stitching body parts back together (after removing them herself) and seeing how long she can keep someone alive in her lab. Finding out she may have an undead subject who feels pain to experiment on pretty much made her year.

When she’s not finding new ways to torture anyone who dares cross her path, Galen finds time to work on her husband or try and perfect her favorite hobby (Sewing, naturally.)

Oh, and she always finds time to embarrass her daughter by harassing the poor girl’s partners whenever possible.

Author Notes: I think despite it all, I love Galen’s accent the most. There’s just something fun about broken English that I’ve been fond of since I first heard Natasha from Rocky & Bullwinkle. Who, by the way, was my inspiration for this character. They have very little in common, but Natasha’s unique accent always stuck in my head even when I stopped watching the show.

I think if I’m honest though, I just wanted a hot nurse in the comic. Which I blame on watching Animaniacs as a child. “Hellooo~ Nurse!” Besides, someone has to be the Mad Doctor around here since Lancelot’s trapped in eternal denial about his profession. ^_-

And of course, Galen is named after the known physician and philosopher of the same name.

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