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The Master, Garrott

The Master, Garrott

Arthur Garrott

Age: 67

Current Goal: Enjoy his time with his Grandson while he’s still young.

First Appearance: 77. Grandpa

Bio: Also known in the underworld as “The Tyrant” and “King,” Arthur Garrott was a legend among criminal masterminds. He struck fear into the hearts of villains and heros alike with a ruthless fist and show of power.

Now the father of four children, Arthur, Janus, Boudica and Mordred given to him by his second wife he considers himself retired from professional crime. Instead he likes to turn his attention to his grandson. (Though it is noted he does not get along with his son-in-law.)

Garrott is known to have one weakness in the form of Horses, his favorite animal and hobby. Whenever he’s in the presence of said majestic animal, he can’t help but be chipper. Currently he owns and takes care of at least four separate stables and owns around 30 to 40 horses at any given moment.

His favorite breed is the Lipizzan, but he does have a soft spot for Clydesdales.

Author Notes: When created Mordred’s parents, I knew they had to be good at what they did and top of their class of villainy.  Something he and his siblings would look up to and try to reach in their achievements.

Though, I also wanted someone who felt like a parent. Later in life anyway, I like to think that Arthur Garrott held tight to his iron fist and evil attitude during the time his children grew up – and then instantly turned into a loving grandfather when his first grandchild was born.  Grandchildren have that effect on people, or so I’ve noticed.

Like his son, Garrott is named after King Arthur as a call out to the old legend.

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