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The Zombie, Gawain

Clairvius Gawain

Age: 23 (In appearance. Actual age unknown.)

Current Goal: Will tell you once he remembers.

First Appearance: 112. When They Were Young

Bio: All things considered, Gawain looks pretty good for a dead guy.

Thanks to a run-in with a swamp witch, Gawain found himself dead and shortly resurrected as a zombie.

Now, Gawain is more or less immortal and able to regenerate after physical damage. Sadly, he still suffers from pain.

Gawain’s goals involve taking down Arthur and Sedrick, but he couldn’t for the life [ha ha] of himself remember why. And because of that, after one failed assault against Arthur, he found himself with an employment slip instead.

Working for the Garrott family wasn’t quite what he had in mind, but until he remembers why he hated them in the first place, a steady paycheck isn’t all that bad.

A cute partner doesn’t hurt either.

His weapon of choice is a Bō (staff).

Author Notes: I’ll be honest, Gawain’s sort of an accident. He started out as random fodder for Sedrick’s pistol, but ended up coming back. (Thanks to a conversation with my brother  – ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if that guy he shot came back and got shot again?’)

The Zombie thing came about as an excuse for how he could still be alive after being shot by someone as good a shot as Sedrick. And it’s covering my bases. I don’t believe I had anyone from the ‘B-Movie’ monster category in my cast just yet. Gawain fit the bill nicely.

He was also one of the most fun to name. Gawain is mostly named after the King Arthur Round Table Knight. Specifically for Sir Gawain’s role in ‘Gawain and the Green Knight‘ in which Gawain fights someone whose head is cut off – and then puts it right back on his head. Gawain wasn’t the immortal one…but he was a story with one. His first name, Clairvius, is named after Calirvius Narcisse who was said to be a real-life zombie.

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