Cast – Generic

The Burglar, Generic

The Burglar, Generic

Generic Burglar

Age: 26

Current Goal: Pull Off A Heist Without A Black Eye

First Appearance: 36. Settled In

Bio: When your legal given name is ‘Generic Burglar’ – you know you’re pretty much set for life.

He likes to convince himself that he’s a thief on his own merits and that this choice has nothing to do with the name his hippie parents gave him, but he’d be lying to himself.

Generic is not a bad thief. He’s quite skilled if you ask him. Just a certain hero enjoys showing up at all of his heists.

Now he just needs to pull off a successful job to pay off his medical bills.

Author Notes: Wiglaf’s a hero – it’s assumed he’d occasionally be stopping robberies and the like.

And I’m a sap for old school, stereotypical burglars running around in a mask.

A stereotypical bad guy with a generic name. I need a drum beat in here somewhere…

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