Cast – Geoffry

The Husband, Geoffry

The Husband, Geoffry

Geoffry Buckley

Age: 40

Current Goal: Be a good father.

First Appearance: 75. Home Sweet Home

Bio: CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation, Geoffry was kidnapped by the Garrott family for ransom.

One year later, there was still no reply from his company.

That same year, Geoffry caught the eye of Janus Garrott and he found himself married. After one year of marriage, his son Safir was born. Much to his disappointment, however – Safir took his mother’s name instead of his own.

Now ten years after his originally abduction, Geoffry is quite accustomed to his living situation and focuses on being a good father.

Though, you’d think that after ten years Janus would stop chaining him to the wall when she’s not around.

Author Notes: Once it was decided that Janus was going to be a mother, it only followed naturally that there be a father. The fact she was also married to said father was just a bonus.

Geoffry adds a bit of normalcy to the cast. He’s a business man gone stay at home dad. No evil plots, no crazy outfits (except for the pink shirt his wife picked out) and no family complexes. The oddest thing about him is how well he’s adapted to being married to Janus.

He’s also one of the older members of the cast, which was also nice. He’s got more life experience than the others.

Geoffry was named after Geoffrey Chaucer. No reason in particular; I just wanted to continue the naming conventions I’d already set up with so many references to European Literature.

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