Cast – Grace

The Demon, Grace

The Demon, Grace

The Sword of Grace

Age: Unkown

Current Goal: Destroy All Life

First Appearance: 329. Did You Hear That?

Bio: Bound to his current Master, Grace is part of a set of mystical artifacts each with it’s own unique ability granted to its owner.

Grace grants his master the ability to match any opponent’s strength level up to 98% (So, if the Master is fighting someone with a power level of 100, the Master’s power level becomes 98 instantly.). The extra 2% required for a victory must be provided by the Master in either skills, speed or stamina.

Grace is fond of violence and will needle and whine until Azrael caves and allows the sword to drench himself in blood. Grace also takes great amusement however, in Azrael’s total co-dependence on his presence and abuses it at every opportunity.¬†Whether or not his manipulations lead to a larger goal is yet to be seen.

Author Notes: Grace is difficult to describe. Ever since Azrael started talking to his sword I knew that something was possessing it and was answering back . Eventually the voice in Azrael’s head was revealed!

As far as his name goes, it’s just something to compliment Azrael’s theme as being ‘The Angel’ as “Grace” is something associated with God and said angels.

Though, I think it’s fairly obvious this particular Grace has very, very little to do with that.

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