Cast – Hagen


The Partner, Hagen

Hagen Jánošík

Age: 19

Current Goal: Lead a unit division.

First Appearance: 244. Now He Runs

Bio: Don’t let her cheerful smile or polite disposition fool you, Hagen is 100% villainous lackey and she’s got the bloodlines to prove it. Between a sadistic doctor mother and a muscle man, over protective father, Hagen’s learned from the best.

Currently she has been assigned to partner with Gawain, and couldn’t be happier. She may or may not be harboring a very obvious crush on her partner.

Hagen prefers tactical planning to hand-to-hand combat and specializes in getting others to do her work for her.

Author Notes: Hagen is ridiculously fun to write. Someone with her parents and has grown up in what is essentially an insane asylum of villains and cads isn’t phased by much. Makes her the perfect person to pair up with a less than lucky zombie.

Hagen is named after the late actress Jean Hagen, because I adored her performance in Singin’ in the Rain as Lina Lamont. Her family is named after Juraj Jánošík, who was a famous Slovak outlaw.

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