Cast – Horatio

The Servant, Horatio

The Servant, Horatio

Horatio Gates

Age: 34

Current Goal: Serve Geoffry Buckley

First Appearance: 228. Transition Time

Bio: If there was ever an example of the perfect lackey/servant, Horatio would be it.

He eats, breathes, sleeps and lives for one purpose: Serve Geoffry Buckley.

Horatio is the Vice President (and personal Secretary) of W.M. Corp and happily did everything in his power to make the President happy.

His world was turned upside down, however, when his beloved Boss was taken captive by Janus. He now spends every waking moment trying to get his position as Right-Hand man back.

Much to his wife’s annoyance, of course.

Author Notes: Horatio was actually inspired by my Brother who insisted that someone as successful as Geoffry was likely to have an avid follower.

And of course I took things too far and made him a little obsessed. But eh, that’s what makes him fun, right?

Horatio is named after two people.  His first name comes from the famous Hamlet character while his second name comes from an American General during the Revolutionary War of the same name.

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