Cast – Janus

The Sister, Janus

The Sister, Janus

Janus Garrott

Age: 31

Current Goal: Global Domination.

First Appearance: 49. He Has Sibling Senses, Too

Bio: Mordred’s vicious older sister. By far the most ruthless of the Garrott family, Janus means business.

Married for nine years to hostage Geoffry Buckley, she is now the mother of eight year old Safir.

Shame her brother complex for Mordred often gets in the way of her duties as a mother and a villain.

Janus also happens to have a soft spot for 17th Century English Cavalier Songs and can often be heard humming or singing them to herself.

Author Notes: I’m going to be honest, for a long time Janus was going to be a man. I wanted the two oldest Garrotts to be identical twins, and I thought it would be funny if you had to guess the original gender of both Arthur and Janus – but then I made her a mom and that plan got thrown out the window.

But that didn’t stop me from making them look identical.

Her own brother obsession concerning Mordred only made sense considering she competes with Arthur for everything else. It just followed along naturally she’d suffer from the same complex.

For the Garrott Sisters, I wanted to stay away from the King Arthur stories. Instead, the two sisters were named after mythological gods and warriers. ‘Janus’ is the name of the god of gates, doors, beginnings, endings, etc. and is often depicted with two faces. A friend actually picked out her name for me, and I think it was fitting for her character.

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