Cast – Lancelot

The Arch Rival, Lancelot

The Arch Rival

Lancelot Legard

Age: 24

Current Goal: Create a fully sentient plant.

First Appearance: 113. Maybe Next Time

Bio: A genetic engineer with a specialty in plants, Lancelot was the top of his class and game in the fields of biology and math.

He attended high school with Mordred and claims to be his “Arch Rival” due to their competitiveness in club activities and “competition” for Driver’s affection.

He currently goes by the title “The Blue Clematis” after his favorite type of flower and thanks to his efforts in genetically manipulating said plants.

However, never call him a “Mad Scientist.” He might sic one of his killer plants on you.

Author Notes: Arthur. Mordred. It only lead to reason that I needed a Lancelot character to give a little back to the comic’s Arthurian background. So naturally, Mordred gained a ‘rival’. Though, mostly he was introduced as proof that Mordred does have “friends” other than Driver.

Design wise, I like to think of Lancelot as the love child of Jareth (from Labyrinth – yay David Bowie) and Poison Ivy (from Batman). He’s covered head to toe in freckles because 1) He’s constantly out in the sun with his plants, and 2) I like freckles.

His first name of course comes from Lancelot of King Arthur’s knights. “Legard” follows along the same line as it means a ‘guard’ or ‘protector.’

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