Cast – Madame Garrott

The Mistress, Madame Garrott

The Mistress, Madame Garrott

Madame Agnes “Hera” Garrott

Age: 61

Current Goal: Manage to stay retired.

First Appearance: 83. …Like a Married Couple

Bio: Madame Garrott in her prime could only be described as ‘Vicious.’ Under the name ‘Hera’ she struck fear in the hearts of all who were unlucky enough to cross her path. Getting her start as a con-artist Fortune Teller, her acts of villainy grew to include a wide range of activities from burning down villages to conning people out of their money with gambling casinos.

When she turned 19 she ran into the handsome and charismatic Arthur Garrott. Her heart stolen by a man almost as evil as she herself, Madame Garrott found herself the mistress of an affair. After a few months, Agnes decided to change her status from ‘a mistress’ to ‘the mistress’ and slit the former Mrs. Garrott’s throat. In front of her husband.

Within a week, Agnes was married and the new Matriarch of the Garrott family. Nine years later she gave birth to her first two children, Arthur & Janus, and retired from a life of crime to focus on running the household. Boudica and Mordred came a few years later and Madame Garrott considered her family complete.

Author Notes: Madame Garrott is a lot of fun – She’s so prim and proper that it’s a nice contrast to the rest of the cast and her out of control children. It’s also fun to write about someone who scares everyone while wearing a puffy dress.

Her name was probably the most difficult thing about her. I wanted to stick with the motif of her daughter (mythical and legendary figures) and had a plethora to chose from.

And then I named her after my Great-GrandMother, who ironically hates her first name. Ha ha. It seemed appropriate and I figure Madame Garrott can hate her first name, too. Which worked in my favor because then I could give her a cool nickname after Hera from Greek Mythology.

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