Cast – Mordred

The Villain, Mordred

The Villain, Mordred

Mordred Garrott

Age: 24

Current Goal: Global Domination.

First Appearance: 1. Who’s the Other Guy?

Bio: Black hair, red eyes, black clothes, orange scarf. Cliché bad guy. His desire is to have the entire world bow at his feet to be crushed under his heel.

He’s just not very good at it.

Moody, arrogant and selfish, Mordred has found himself a new lackey: Wiglaf. And he will tell no one anything otherwise – super villain world conquerers do not have ‘friends.’

Author Notes: Mordred, is fairly self explanatory. I read Morte Darthur by Sir Thomas Malory, fell in love with Mordred and had to create a character based off of him.

Wiglaf followed soon after, and after a horrible, horrible pun – the tag team was born.

Overall though, it’s nice to have someone who’s named after one of the most horrible and evil villains and history be such a failure – and only because of bad luck.

While it hasn’t quite gotten across in the early comics, Mordred is actually rather smart. But his bad luck and constant apathy tend to drag him down and keep him from where he wants to go. Hopefully his true intelligence and abilities will get a chance to shine a little in the future.

Out of the cast, Mordred is by far my favorite. His royal manners and old fashioned wardrobe both make him enjoyable to write, but also to draw.

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