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The Team Killer, Ricky

Ricky “The Team Killer” Jánošík

Age: 42

Current Goal: Take a nap.

First Appearance: 277. Big Daddy

Bio: A man of few words and at least two heads taller than everyone else, Ricky spends most of his time looking down and listening. Usually he keeps to himself unless his wife or daughter come up with something they want him to do.

His height alone is not the only thing that strikes fear in the hearts of Garrott family employees – he has the nickname “Team Killer” for a reason. Ricky is capable of single handedly taking out teams of five to six without assistance or weapons thanks to his size and strength.

Thankfully, Ricky is fairly harmless unless he’s ordered to hurt you. And then I suggest running.

Author Notes: “Ricky the Team Killer” was a throw-out name in the Garrott Family employee video and I really had no intention of taking it anywhere. And well, Galen ended up with a daughter and so the dad had to come from somewhere and well next thing you know ‘bam!’ Ricky’s got a face.

I’m not actually sure where ‘Ricky’ came from. So it’s rather random. Not much else to it, really.

His surname comes from Juraj Jánošík, who was a famous Slovak outlaw.

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