Cast – Ruby Red

The DJ, Ruby Red

The DJ, Ruby Red

Ruby Red Scott

Age: 25

Current Goal: Own His Own Radio Station

First Appearance: 156. So Close…

Bio: Music is his life and being a host is his passion.

Ruby Red prefers playing DJ from a sound booth surrounded by his records, compact discs, and the occasional cassette tape, but he’ll do live broadcasts when necessary.

Ruby Red has a collection of microphones in his basement dating back to 1889.

Author Notes: Ruby snuck into the cast during the Concert arc. Originally he was just someone to introduce the act, but he ended up with more and more lines and then he decided to pop up in Azrael’s little backstory.

That and I liked him.

His first name (and stage name) is a homage to the radio DJ  ”Ruby Rod” from one of my favorite movies – The Fifth Element. His surname is after Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville who invented the phonautograph, or the first known sound recording device.

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