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The Planner, Sigrdrífa

Sigrdrífa Valkyrie

Age: 29

Current Goal: Serve Lord Azrael

First Appearance: 35. He’s Not Bitter

Bio: The eldest of the Valkryie Sisters, Sigrdrífa is the book worm of the group. She prides herself on being well read, as well as being the one to keep things organized.

Her job is to make sure everyone stays on task and to the schedule. Usually she doesn’t have too much trouble, but often times Sváfa and Azrael like to make things difficult for her.

Sigrdrífa’s favorite sport (and fighting method of choice) is archery. She favors the long bow, but she uses a Compound Bow in the field

Author Notes: The Valkyrie Sisters were created mostly because someone as asexual as Azrael is almost required to have pretty girls following him around.

But that’s just how they started, as time passed they each started to develop into their own characters.

Sigrdrífa is named after the Valkyrie Sigrdrífa from the poem Sigrdrífumál.

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