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The Hero, Wiglaf

The Hero, Wiglaf


Age: 25

Current Goal: Keep Mordred as a friend at all costs.

First Appearance: 1. Who’s the Other Guy?

Bio: Blonde wavy hair, mint green eyes, muscles, and a sword. The all around good guy; your hero type.

Perfect at everything from math to the arts to physical feats, Wiglaf’s had it pretty good. Just about the only thing he can’t seem to do is keep a friend longer than a week.

Now, somehow fate has thrown him in the company of Mordred, his newest best buddy ever. And they’re going to stay best friends if it kills the both of them.

Author Notes: Much like Mordred, I was reading Beowulf and just got far too attached to ‘Wiglaf’ and the end. I always thought that despite being a low level, half-blooded soldier, Wiglaf was just as much hero as Beowulf to be the only one to hang around the dragon fight.

And then he gained my pity. He was created separately from Mordred, but I ended up sketching them on the same page and went – “Huh…Git kinda sounds like ‘Geat’” and thus a horrible pun and first comic was created.

Wiglaf is my ‘perfect at everything character’ – who normally I can’t stand seeing in fiction. They annoy me. So I got to thinking – it’d probably annoy other people too, and I realized he probably would have a hard time keeping friends.

Thus his need for Mordred sprung into action. I figured Mordred’s apathy would keep him from really caring if Wiglaf was around or not. Even if he say, hated, Wiglaf – there isn’t much he’d actually bother doing to get rid of the Hero. So it was the perfect match.

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The Hero, Wiglaf

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