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Grey Liliy on!

Hello everyone! After some thought, I decided I was going to use a streaming service that was a better fit for who I am as an artist, and decided to go with It’s an art community, so that seemed like a great deal! You can check out my channel, Grey Liliy’s Art, and catch me drawing at least three


Hey guys! :D My books are now on Scribd if you want to check them out there! Hurrah! Edit 1/26/17: My, this post is old. But when you can news with every post, there isn’t much of a need for these general updates! I took out one of the book vender links, as that service is no longer available. Thanks!

More Books!

Hey guys! If you don’t keep up with me on other social media sites like Twitter or Tumblr, you might not know that I’ve had a few more book releases since Children of Hephaestus was released! :D Some handy places to see my books (and buy them! *hint hint wink wink*) are as follows: Broken Pocket – My official Book


You may have seen the first announcement on a Buffer Break Post (that has now been deleted), but here it is again more formally: Grey Liliy has a Patreon Account! :D What’s Patreon? It’s basically continual crowd funding. Instead of raising money for one big project, you provide a small sum once a month (or per piece of work, depending

Retired Survey

You might notice the sticky post with the survey is missing! That’s because I’ve finally retired it. The survey was great while it lastest, but I barely check it any more and the responses have gotten very repetitive. Welcome, but repetitive. So it’s purpose has been served. AS such, it’s all been taken down, and archived. Thanks to everyone who