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New Cast Pages

Hey everybody! You may or may not have noticed the cast page going under same changes over the past week. If you hadn’t- that’s okay! Because now I’m officially to the point where I can tell you all to go check it out. ^_^ It’s still missing some cast members, but they’ll show up in due time over the next


Hey! After realizing I had three fanarts…and a very nice WP Gallery system at my disposal, I decided to go ahead and make a Fanart Page. :D Go check it out! Link’s at the top of the page!

Rating Tag

Hey Ya’ll! It occurred to me after we were listed at Belfry that we were tagged with a ‘Language’ warning. And then I sat and thought: Well, our content isn’t that bad…but not all the jokes are kid friendly either. So to be safe, I figured I’d slap a good old ‘PG-13′ button up to cover my ground. And said

Security Went Where?

It seems Security has wandered over to Fractured Mentality today. I need to put a leash on that boy! Why don’t you all go visit him and make sure to tell him to wander right on back home? ;)

New Layout!

Hey! Finally got around to updating to ComicPress 2.5 that I mentioned earlier. Expect it to be customized and all that fun stuff as the week passes. But the new feature is the addition of Gravatars next to your icons. Go check by Gravatar and sign up for an account if you don’t want to see that generic icon next