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Comments for Color

Here’s how this is going to work – for each strip that has at least 10 comments from different people (actual comments, not one-word posts or ‘posting for color!’ and the like) I’ll reupload the strip in full color. Sound good? Sounds fair to me. Not only do I love reading comments, but it helps me get an idea of

Updates Still Sunday

Hey, y’all. Family came to visit so the next comic will be up late; but it should still be up on Sunday or Monday at some point. And as a treat – because it’s late I’ll color it. :D

Sunday Updates

Hey everybody! The tentative update schedule for TAWM will be every Sunday. I’m going to try and hold true to that, but we’ll see how it goes. The best way to keep track though by far is to subscribe to a feed and get notified of updates as they come. ^_^ Have fun and thanks for reading!

The Adventures of Wiglaf and Mordred

And the comic finally gets its own page. Ha ha. Yay WordPress and Comicpress. Anyway, things are just getting started around here so bear with me while I tweak, edit and get the site looking good. ^_^