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Drawing Streams

Hey guys! This is your friendly reminder that you can watch WaM be drawn live Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays on the WaM Ustream channel from 9pm to 11pm EST! :D Attendance has been stable, but down lately, so I encourage folks to come show up and hang out if you’ve got the time. It’s a lot more fun with a


Okay. So I’m a tad embarrassed that there hasn’t been a new News post since the Pair-a-Thon last year. It’s a little awkward seeing them back to back, but that’s what happens when you can post news with every comic. Heh. Anyway! The 6th Pair-a-Thon has been going on, even if this post took over a month to post. But!


That’s right! The Pair-a-Thon is here for round five! Few changes this year, mostly revolving around the prizes, but that shouldn’t change the core fun of it! :D Let the Forth Annual Adventures of Wiglaf & Mordred Pair-A-Thon Begin! WINNERS HAVE BEEN POSTED!! EDIT: It was a close call this year, but the winners are up & we’re good to

Wrote a Book and Site Updates

I wrote a book. I know I said I wasn’t going to shove it down people’s throats, but I was strongly encouraged to post it somewhere that will hang around for a while…and since I almost never update the blog, this seemed like a good enough place to do one more shameless bit of advertising: Here’s the original message I

Happy Easter & Site Updates!

It’s Easter! A time to be thankful for Christ and all he does (though really, that’s a daily thing…) and because of that I’m in a really good mood, so…here’s a special treat: I got off my lazy bum and updated some stuff around the site! I’m now officially caught up with updating the fanart page & the fanfiction page