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On Manga & This New Age

And now for a soapbox aimed at the Manga fans out there since you’re more likely to read it here than my blog! Because no one reads it! XD I’m not sure how many of you this actually affects, but as an avid manga reader myself I’m sure a few of you out there are, too. Also, agree or not,

Bye Bye Forum

Hey all! Not that anyone used it, but here’s your official announcement that the forum is kaput. Milk in the Pantry has closed it’s doors and taken our forum with it. Most of you probably just said ‘WaM had a forum?’ which is why it closed. XD To those of you who used it–thanks! :D I’m rambling now. The point


That’s right! The Pair-a-Thon is here for round four! I’m really excited for this year…like I am every year! :D The rules are pretty much the same as last year, but here they are again if you need them! So without further ado: Let the Forth Annual Adventures of Wiglaf & Mordred Pair-A-Thon Begin! Winners posted! Thanks for another great

Site Caching and You! :D

Hello all! Long time not see for a normal announcement, right? Though this is more of an explanation… I was browsing survey results and I noticed someone comment that when browsing older strips, the ‘Last Page’ link sometimes drops you off a few strips before the actual latest one–I’m here to explain this! WordPress is a CPU intensive program, and

URL Change

Hey! Some of you ┬ámay have noticed no longer directs directly to the site… I was re-reading my Terms of Service for my hosting and apparently they don’t permit .htaccess redirects to directories and/or sub-domains. Heh. Decided not to press my luck & removed my redirect before anything could come of it. I might send them a line later