Here lies little bits and things that really don’t have any other place to go…


Mikey8152 (His Minecraft User!) made a couple Minecraft skins for the WaM characters~  You can see a couple examples below, but he’s made a whole bunch that you can download and use from his Deviantart Gallery here!


Right Click this .PNG file to download Skin: MinecraftSkinWiglaf



Right Click this .PNG file to download Skin: MinecraftSkinMordred



So, while reading Trying Human like always, I happen to spy cute little chibi fellas on her main site- I click and discover the wonder that are Squiby. Naturally, I felt the overwhelming need to make some of my own – because they’re adorable. That’s why. So here you go! The official WaM Adoptable Squiby. Have fun!