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Tricks and Treats for Wiglaf and Mordred : Halloween Fic. Mordred gets up to some mischief in costume while Driver and Wiglaf prepare for a Springland Apartments party!

Cookie Socks

Interview : A chat show with Wiglaf & Mordred (In Script Format).

Video Game : Arthur and crew play video games. (In Script Format).


Untitled Poem : Short poem describing the antics of the WAM cast.


Mordred x Arthur: Mordred is sick & Arthur takes care of him.

Miss Anata

Twice Cursed : Loki stumbles upon a set of artifacts that have cursed her! (Features Fan Characters)

Charmed: (Sequel to Twice Cursed) More fun with Love & Charm.

Shiori Tsumi

Procul Nox Noctis Frater Sollicitus: Arthur finds himself trapped in a nightmare.


Always: Poem about Wiglaf and his feelings concerning Mordred.

Untitled Poem : Short poem featuring highlights of the comic.