WAM Party Shot

Driver, Mordred and Wiglaf

Driver, Mordred and Wiglaf all dressed up for a night on the town.


Whoa, Driver is lookin’ spiffy. ^_^

Great concept, Liliy. The three of them look really neat.

It’s also good to see Mordred willing to have some fun. He may not be the most sociable guy, but at least he’s willing to have some social time. ^_^


‘Dawwwww :)))) <3333 I love this web comic so much and is obsessed with it X"3 And Driver looks feminine! 'Dawww!! Such cute couples :ppp


We all know Mordred and Wiglaf want to be together O_o but they don’t want to admit it :meh:
Awwww i love those two :love:


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