Wiglaf and Mordred Shop

Wiglaf and Mordred Shopping

Just something I doodled up of my two boys out shopping. A chance to draw them in slightly more modern/normal clothing.


I remember this one! It’s the only one where we really get a look at Wiglaf’s tush, if I remember correctly. Still, Mordred in Pink is priceless.


I remember this one on DA. I adored it. They look so…. boyfriendy… -shot-

But Mordred wearing a pink shirt (as his hair is not pink in this one) and the scarf around his arm instead of his neck is quite delightful to see… Wiglaf too, it really is a treat seeing them in modern clothing. Is there chainmail under that coat? I like seeing Wiglaf’s hair in a ponytail when it’s long, though it’s not so in this picture. =P


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