The Lady’s Murder

The Lady’s Murder by Eliza Frye

I was lucky enough to stumble upon this comic when it was completed. A marvelous short story told using a heavy focus on visuals while using a traditional art style that really captures the eye. I’m not usually one for more artistic pieces, but this is a very well put together 32 pages.

But more than anything, I really enjoyed seeing something that had an ending. A nice change of pace from the (while still enjoyable) never ending daily strips. And personally, I think this story would make a great book. The pages just scream to be given proper attention and held in someone’s hands.

Do check it out if you’ve got some free time.

New Layout!

Hey! Finally got around to updating to ComicPress 2.5 that I mentioned earlier. Expect it to be customized and all that fun stuff as the week passes.

But the new feature is the addition of Gravatars next to your icons. Go check by Gravatar and sign up for an account if you don’t want to see that generic icon next to your name. :D

Enjoy the new layout everybody!

Comic Press 2.5

ComicPress, the wonderful wordpress theme that made WAM’s appearance on the web possible, has just released Version 2.5. Needless to say, I’m excited. Esspecialy considering it has so many layout options available. I’ll probably be switching to the “Vertical Three Column” layout in the near future. It’s about time I updated my WordPress as well. I’m a bit behind in  checking out Version 2.5.1.

Anyway, just letting you guys know to look forward to a new layout in a couple of weeks. It’ll depend on my work schedule. But never fear, I shan’t neglect the regular comic updates to divulge in the fun of making a new layout. That’ll probably look the same. Thanks for staying with me! :D

Fridays, Color, Comments and More

Hey ya’ll! Just letting you in on a few updates around here. One, you may have noticed I’ve started putting up ads – hopefully not too many, but a little revenue here or there never hurt.

Second up – I’ve decided to ditch the ‘comments for color’ idea I brought up a while ago. From now on (unless I’m ultra busy) – the strips will be posted in color. A certain someone has declared he can’t tell the characters apart without color, so I’m humoring him. :) Along with coloring the strips, I’ve also decided to start actually posting comments with them in the blog space so wonderfully provided. Hopefully my own comments will help encourage you lovely guests to comment on the strips as well. ^_-

And, a certain someone has convinced me to start updating three days a week – what does that mean? Check for an update on Friday!! I’ll be looking for your comments.

And last but not least – The April 10, 2008 Strip of  Chronicle by Josh Way made me smile today. Do check it out. :D