WAM on Gaia

Hey everyone! Just letting you know WAM has it’s own promotion thread over at Gaia Online. If you want to show your support for the comic over on Gaia, than head right on over to check it out and help keep the thread on the main page (without bumping of course! Real comments please!). The Adventures of Wiglaf and Mordred at Gaia.

Thanks so much for reading with us! And check it out – WAM’s almost reached 50 strips! Thanks for your support and making that possible!

Wednesday and Sunday Updates

Hello faithful readers! I’ve decided that I’m comfortable enough now with the style and format of this comic to start updating bi-weekly. Which means -

Updates on Wednesday and Sunday!

If I can keep up with those updates, than maybe I can start updating 3 times a week. We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for reading folks! Love you all!

There Is No Seven

It has just occurred to me that comic 7 “here, right?” is also labeled comic 6 because I forgot to change the number along with the title. I find that funny. What about you guys? :D

Fear my laziness as I do nothing to correct this error. I’m too busy listening to the Sweeny Todd Movie Soundtrack to do anything.

Comments for Color

Here’s how this is going to work – for each strip that has at least 10 comments from different people (actual comments, not one-word posts or ‘posting for color!’ and the like) I’ll reupload the strip in full color.

Sound good? Sounds fair to me. Not only do I love reading comments, but it helps me get an idea of who’s reading. ^_^ So only post one comment per strip.

And yes, I know what this sounds like. You’re bribing me for color. Be thankful I’m not going with the original plan of making you give me money to color the strips. :P

(And if you’re new – Updates on Sundays! ^^)

Updates Still Sunday

Hey, y’all. Family came to visit so the next comic will be up late; but it should still be up on Sunday or Monday at some point.

And as a treat – because it’s late I’ll color it. :D