Website Glitches

I downgraded back down. Everything should be working. xD I’ll figure out how to update later.

Hey, I updated Webcomic to the latest version & that required messing with my functions/plugin files. I tried to make all the changes myself, but I clearly have messed up somewhere along the lines.

I sent an e-mail for help fixing everything/the stuff I can’t find/missed, but for now please excuse anything that looks off on the site until I can get it fixed.

Known problems:

-Archive Pages Not Working.


-Transcribing Not Working.

-Formatting issues with the comments. Fixed this one.



That’s right! The Pair-a-Thon is here for the third round! We’ve got this annual thing down. I’m sure some of you were even waiting for it this time around. Yay! Few more changes this year so make sure to read all the rules! Or if you want, check out previous year’s entries to get inspired! :D

Let the Third Annual Adventures of Wiglaf & Mordred Pair-A-Thon Begin!

Entries must be received by February 7th!


See Below the Cut for more rules and information!


Ornaments Are Here!

Hello All!

The first batch of Wiglaf & Mordred Holiday Ornaments are in the Zazzle Store and ready to go! They’re so cute~ I’m really excited about these and it has nothing to do with coming from a family who collects Christmas Ornaments. Not at all. :D

They’re ceramic, printed on both sides and come in four shapes:

There are four other shapes in the store you can check out. :) So go buy!

Oh! And lookie~ My Test ornament arrived so you can get an idea of the size:

Better yet! I got my copies of these two ornaments – but since the circle one looks just like the above picture (only darker b/c of the printing process) so here’s a picture of the Heart One:

New Hope Bliss

So, Erin & Chez were driving around New Hope Pennsylvania & saw this sign:

Bliss Sign

Bliss is...Jewelry?

Anyway, they were amused and rightly so as I too was amused. Hee. XD