Katsucon Cosplay – Sample

Whoo hoo~ So Katsucon 16 was a lot of fun! Only ran into one fan but that’s okay. I wasn’t exactly recognizable as Mordred.

However, KGJ was a dead-on Wiglaf and she even had a REAL chainmaille shirt that she made herself (6 in 1, galvanized steel rings). I swear to you – this thing was a beast. I barely lift the thing – at least 40 pounds.

And she wore it like it was nothing. XD She’s awesome.

However, most of the pictures were taken by a friend so until I get copies…here’s a couple of the better shots that my brother got:

Anyway – Katsucon was awesome. :D

2010 Pair-A-Thon Winners!

Yay!! And I know it’s a little late but I’m still announcing the winners on Valentine’s Day so that’s all that matters. :D


First Place: Entry #1 By KGJ – Safir x The Bystander! :D

Second Place: Entry #9 by Caitlin – Gawain x Arthur :D

And There was a tie for Third Place (we keep having ties…) -

Third Place(s): Entries 12 & 16 by Gray Seraphim & Lizzie respectively. (Wiglaf x Driver & Brat x Mordred)

Congratulations everyone! Expect an e-mail shortly concerning your prizes. :D


That’s right! The Pair-a-Thon is back for round two! Ha! Some of you may have missed that ‘annual’ part, didn’t ya’? Couple changes this year so make sure to read all the rules! Or if you want, check out last year’s entries to get inspired! :D

Let the Second Annual Adventures of Wiglaf & Mordred Pair-A-Thon Begin!

Entries must be received by February 7th!


The Winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.


See Below the Cut for more rules and information!



No WAM today. T_T  Still sick.

In the meantime…you guys can write suggestions for pin-ups. If I like it I might do it.

Oh – and True Magic has a contest going on. :D Need to get my entry done for that…

24 Hr Comics Day

I’m participating this year.

I regretted not doing it last year, and it’s a last minute decision to do it this year – but I’m going to do it.

Watch twitter for updates.

Oh, and in case you haven’t guessed – this means WAM’s gonna’ be late on Sunday. XD



Link no longer active.