Site Face Lift

Mike has seriously outdone himself. XD

I had liked the way WAM looked before, but Mike got a hold of it and gave it a total facelift and made something that looked ‘nice’ into something that looks amazing.

The biggest change is the back engine; he’s built this theme from the ground up (which means I’m no longer using Inkblot! Just Webcomic! :D) to create what you see now.

My favorite make-over are the sidebars. They really look like hanging banners now and the seamless integration of the ads is just incredible.

Anyway; New site looks great. Give Mike lots of thanks and praise!

And go commision him or something. He’s available! :D

WAM Survey

This is a sticky post. It is always here. Look one below for latest news. :3


I’ve discovered that it’s incredibly easy to create a survey via Google Docs to get more information. So – I’ve made one up to find more about my readers and what they’ve taken from WAM.

So, if you love me (or are bored…) please take the time to fill out the WAM Survey.

Thank-you much for your time!


And of course:


And just for fun, someone did an analysis of all the data and compiled it. You can see the PDF of it here for fun. :D

(Please don’t redistribute the data/file, though. He worked hard on it, and I’d like to keep track of where it is. :) Thank you!)

Edit on 10/11/14: I’ve taken down the survey and removed the results. It’s served it’s purpose. Thanks for everyone who participated over the years! :D

Character Meme

Edit: I’m not answering these anymore. XD Sorry.  It’s gotten down to side cast who frankly, just don’t have answers yet. ^^;;;

Stolen from the Apple of Discord who stole it from PSI who stole it also and so forth and so forth.

How it works:

Pick a cast member and I’ll answer as much as I’m willing. This is supposed to be fun so if I have to wrack my brain for an answer – it’s not fun. XD Also, some things might be plot related…so I’ll refrain from answering…

So really, it’s a grab bag. XD You’re seeing which questions I’ll actually end up answering…that’ sfun too – right? XD

01. Full name
02. Best friend
03. Sexuality
04. Favorite color
05. Relationship status
06. Ideal mate
07. Odd Skills/Skills in general
08. Last Amusing Escapade
09. Favorite food
10. Crushes
11. Favorite music
12. Biggest fear
13. Biggest fantasy
14. Quirks
15. Bad habits
16. Biggest regret
17. Best kept secrets
18. Last thought
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience
20. Biggest insecurity

Characters have answered for:

Arthur (Jr.)

Arthur (Sr.)














Hey! Guess who got their first fanfiction submission? (Well, first that is complete…a friend of mine is working on one but it’s not done…*sniffle*)

That’s right. WAM got its first fanfiction submission. A very cute poem, actually. :)

Feel free to check it out on the new Fanfiction page (which you can also access from the Fanart page. :D)

Help! Call for Transcripts!

Hey everybody out there in reader-land! Some of you may have noticed that with the upgrade to the Beta of Webcomic 1.8, users can now submit transcripts for the comics! Why is this cool? Transcripts are searchable! Which means you can search for dialogue and the like.

So, I’m asking for your guys’ help! :cool:

My goal is to get all of the previous WAM entries caught up. Currently, I’ve done the first ten. *cough* Yeah, not very far, I know. All i’m asking from you guys – is to submit a transcript if you feel like it. Heck, if you see your favorite strip is transcriptless, take a moment and write one out. It’ll take maybe three to five minutes. :)

How to –

First off, I’d read through the first ten or so transcripts (the first ten strips of wam) that are already done to see what format I’d like.  But here’s the basic rundown:

{ Meta Info,  Like Titles }

[Action, descriptions, settings, etc. ]

< Sound Effects SFX >

Charater Name: Dialogue

And that’s all there is to it. :D So, if you feel up to it – write a transcript, fill out the form and send it off~ I’ll put them up as soon as I can to prevent duplicates. Thanks for the help!