New Look & For the Family

New Look

Hey all! Recently I realized that WAM was horribly, horribly broken in IE. I knew it didn’t work perfectly, but I didn’t realize just how bad it was until recently – so I figured, what better time to update?

Well, the new layout is still a little funky in IE (For the love of all things, please switch browsers if you’re using Internet Explorer. I dont’ care what you switch to- Firefox, Camino, Netscape, Opera, whatever, just switch. Please. You’ll be happier in the long run.)

Sorry, enough of that soap-box – the important stuff!

WAM is now beta testing Webcomic 1.8 & Inkblot 1.3 – hurrah! And lots of thanks to Mike for basically doing 90% of the new layout.  He’s put a lot of work into it and I’m very greatful. XD The site is looking much better.

But not done, expect tweaking to occur for a while, but you’ve got the idea.

For the Family

In other news, Family Webcomics as reopened its doors for submissions. Usually I’m not a big fan of Rating sites like this (for like television and video games) because they tend to be horribly inaccurate or written by people who either don’t watch the show to its entirty or don’t know what they’re talking about.

Family Webcomics however, appears to be geniunely striving to provide accurate descriptions of the comics submitted and informing parents and readers about what they can expect.  It has a new forum open and looks like reviews in the future. I recommend you all go check it out and help keep it in the right direction.

If you’re curious, WAM rates at a WC-14 or PG-13 – but you knew that, because I have a nice rating button in the top corner. :)

Gender Poll

[poll id="3"]

Because I’m really curious as to what the split of my readership is. So thanks to everyone for humoring me.

Swedish Corrected & Other News!

The Swedish

Some of you may have noticed that Wiglaf’s Swedish improved about ten fold with Friday’s  strip – this is thanks to Watch volunteering his time to help translate Wiglaf’s dialogue.

But here’s the best part – thanks to Watch’s translation fixes for old comics and Hogan’s friend Nirlem (Johnny Johansson) providing additional translations – all of the old strips should have corrected Swedish.

I think I’m still in a bit of shock that so many Swedes actually read this strip. When I created it, Wiglaf was Swedish b/c the Wiglaf in Beowulf was half-Swede – I didn’t realize I might actually attrack some Swedish readers. :) So, thanks for putting up with the previous translations and now that I have help I hope to make sure it’s correct from here on out!

Now if I only wrote strips ahead so I could actually ask for translations in advance for his dialogue…

The Fanart & Pair-A-Thon

No new fanart, but I did rearrange the fanart page just a tad. When I wrote the Pair-a-Thon prizes, one of them involved having your entry included in the main fanart gallery. Well, when I wrote that I forgot about my wanna-be OCD. Since I use the WP Gallery system…to do that I’d have to reupload the image into the fanart gallery and make a duplicate. That. Well, let’s just say it makes my wanna-be OCD very unhappy.

So instead, you’ll find a link to the Entry page where you can see everybody’s entries forever and ever! So…yeah. I don’t think anyone actually cared about that part of the prize anyway. XD


And finally, I just want to extend a thank-you for everone who’s reading, commenting or just lurking around. It really makes drawing the strip worth it and I don’t think I mention how much I appreciate you guys. :happy:  So I’ll just say it now -

THANK-YOU! *hugs everyone*

Pair-a-Thon Winners!!!

And the winners are!

1st Place:

Aja with Wiglaf x Scarf!

And, we had a tie for second place (no really…they did. Exactly the same number of votes each XD) – so I’ll give it to them both ’cause both entries rock!

2nd Place:

Amuletts with Camlann x Grace

NJ Huff with Driver x Mordred

Anyway! Congratulations to everybody who participated! You all did fantastic and I can’t wait to do it again next year! :D

(Winners can expect e-mails about their prizes sometime after I get back home…I’m actually away this weekend. XD So I’ll e-mail you guys on Monday or Tuesday. Love you!)

WAM on the Beacon

So, I was listening to the Beacon this past Sunday and what do you know – it’s WAM’s term for the searchlight. Awesome right?

Well, they realized I was in the chat room and I got peer presured into calling in and talking for a little bit.

So, if you feel so inclined – you can check out Sunday’s episode (What’s in a Name?) and listen to me ramble aimlessly for a bit about WAM. D:

Have a good listen!