Liliy is a Fangirl #4

And we’re down to Anime & Comics this week! :D


No. 6: Why is it over? WHY? *sobs in a corner* I want more. *glares at it*

Digimon:┬áStill working through this…slowly. Been so busy. XD


This was my biggest DC haul yet. XD

Batman: This was probably the big winner this week. It not only featured Gotham in all it’s glory, but a sneak at the entire house of Arkham, a Joker/Batman tag-team fight, and we got to see both Tim and Damian. Plus, Gordon, Vicki Vale, Bullock, and a sneak peak at a great story arc featuring our favorite Boy Wonder: Dick Grayson.

Nightwing: Eh, this one was disappointing….mostly Dick thinking about his circus and remembering stuff. I’m looking much more forward to the fight with the mercenary and murder plot he’s wrapped up in for Issue #2.

Supergirl: This was the shocker. I mostly picked up the issue to make my haul this week an even 5 (don’t ask), but I was really surprised at how much I liked it. I’ve never been Supergirl’s biggest fan, mostly enjoying her World’s Finest team-ups over solo issues. But this had gorgeous artwork, and a nice introspective plot that really got into Kara’s head. Plus, Superman showing up at the end promises to make the next issue a ton of fun. :)

Catwoman: This does not deserve all the criticism it’s getting right now. The artwork was fantastic and well laid out (the getting dressed scene in the beginning? Genius way to portray urgency and just how fast she needed to get out of her flat). The action was great and memorable, and we even got some vulnerability at the end when Batman shows up. It was that one second establishing that Batman is someone special to her, and that he cares for her well being, that makes the ending work so well.

Plus, it had Lola:


"Her name was Lola, she was a show girl~"

Any comic that makes a reference to Barry Manilow is okay in my book.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: ┬áThis is one of the ones I’ve been waiting for since I saw Under the Red Hood (standing tall as my favorite Batman movie; it even blew Return of the Joker out of the game). It did not disappoint. Roy & Jason play off each other great, I love the new Starfire, and the artwork was gorgeous and gritty. Plus, I really want to know more about Essence and the plot she’s establishing with Jason and his back story. :)

And for the record, Starfire was NOT the only fan service in that book. Heck yeah:

Jason Todd, Red Hood