Hawk & Dove #8 – Final Issue

This is by far my favorite cover...save for Dove vs Swan maybe.

And Hawk & Dove #8 arrives. The final issue.

Content wise, it ends the ‘Hunter’ arc, making it a solid two-parter.

There’s not much to tell you other than that–it’s got some great action (can we say ‘ninjas’ and monster fight? :D) and a conclusion to the storyline. It felt a tad ┬árushed (you can tell it was meant for more issues before the series was canceled), but both Hank & Dawn get some great last moments with the series.

The most important part: I enjoyed it. It was a good last issue & I suggest picking it up if you can. Give Hawk & Dove a little love! :D


Victory Walk

I don’t care what anyone says, I loved this series. I love the characters Hawk & Dove, and I’ll read anything that features them.

But for this particular case, I think Gates & Liefeld did the characters justice throughout its 8 issue run. They both had their own take on the characters and each brought out something different with them.

I wish the series would have been given more of a chance if only to bring some love to these characters who deserve more time in the spotlight, but sometimes things just don’t work out the way we’d like.

Hawk & Dove was great and I’m happy I got the 8-issues I did. The Trade Paperback is already on Pre-Order & I can’t wait to get my copy. :D

And for those of you who hate on the artwork, or the writing, or whatever all you want–I only have one response: it was a good series & I’m happy to have read it. :) I’m sorry you don’t agree, but that’s how it is. *shrugs*

Also, Dawn & Hank are adorable.

Dawn and Hank.


I plan to continue posting whenever I see Hawk & Dove popping up in the new 52. So, let me know if you spot them and I’ve missed them.

We were promised they’d make some rounds with the other comics, so here’s hoping DC keeps true to that. <3

With that – I love Hawk & Dove. Proudly! :D