Nightmare Moon and Friends

I have been to Toys ‘R Us.

And they actually had the “Favorite Collection: Featuring Nightmare Moon”

I may have squeaked.

You know what that means? Photo party. That’s right. *puts on DJ Pon-3’s glasses* Let’s rock this.

Cadance and Shining Armor

Ha ha. You thought this would be from the Nightmare Moon set, didn’t you? But no. I started with this.

Okay. So that’s not from the set. Doesn’t matter. I’m not even showing you all the photos. XD Just the ones that were my favorites. And the above I actually bought at Target like three weeks ago. I just forgot to show them off. Love them. Loved the Royal Wedding. Uh. And stuff.


Fooled you again! XD I bought Rarity like three weeks ago.

Rarity is the best pony.

Nightmare Moon

Nightmare Moon is awesome. She needs so much more screentime. Not, Luna. Nightmare Moon.

I bought the entire Favorites Collection for this figure. You don’t even know how much I freaked when I saw the first few previews like a year ago. Love the mold for her, and just…I love this figure.

Pose It Nightmare Moon

She can work it.

More Nightmare Moon. I love the glitter on her Cutie Mark. XD

Nightmare Moon and Trixie

Two of the show’s villains! :D My Little Pony has those you know.

Trixie Lulamoon. What’s really fun is I actually bought her separately as a gift for a friend. XD Now I’ve got my own. Not that I like her. I don’t hate Trixie, but she wasn’t exactly my fav either. Love her Cutie Mark though.

Vinyl Scratch aka DJ Pon-3

I love how her glasses don’t fit properly in the little eye indents.

It says something about Hasbro that this figure exists. A pony that got two seconds of screen time took off as a fan favorite. And now it has a figure. Crazy. XD

Blackarachnia vs Nightmare Moon

Blackarachnia vs Nightmare Moon

Uh oh. My Blackarachnia figure doesn’t like that she’s no longer the only bad girl on my desk. She may have to assert her authority.

Compromise Optimus and the ladies.

Optimus put his ladies in line. Respect.

Optimus Prime decided compromise was in order. He always wanted a pony anyway.

Yes. I still have Optimus and Blackarachnia (Elita-1 version!) snuggling. I SHALL PAIR THEM FOREVER.

Thank you for yet another toy photo session. They bring me great joy whether people read this or not. :3

Fangirl #24 – Just Text Today!

Posting for posting’s sake. Too lazy to grab some images, but hey! You’re hear to read anyway, right? That’s what I thought. Reading. Reading my writing. Which is text-based.

Moving on:

Fangirling away commencing now! And fair warning–I include shameless spoilers. Read at your own discretion. Mwa ha ha ha.

The Dark Knight Rises:

Good movie. It’s about on par with Batman Begins for me–I liked about 50% of it, and was frustrated with the rest. Second half of the movie is significantly better than the first half.

And I’ll give credit where credit is due: Hatheway was an okay Catwoman.

Entire movie was worth it for Jonathan Crane’s Cameo, Commissioner Gordon, and John Blake. <3

Supergirl #11:

I love this series so much. And Tom is adorable. Supergirl & Tom. Kara x Tom. I need more of this in my life.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #11:

Isabel. She must stay in this series and I love her space suit. She’s so cute. *cuddles*

Back to the Future:

This would be the true fangirling of the month. I marathoner all three movies, played through all five episodes of the Telltale game, looked up clips from the tv series here nd there, and have been diving into the fandom.

I forgot how much I loved Back to the Future. No, seriously. The movies completely hold up after all this time. They’re still amazing. I still remember all the scenes & grinned and smiled the entire set.

Marty is adorable. Doc is amazing. Their friendship passes the test of time, age, and all that fun stuff. Love it.

In conclusion: If you have not seen the entire Trilogy of Back to the Future–do so now. Watch all three. You won’t be disappointed. <3

Tsuritama – It Makes You Want To Fish

No, seriously. Tsuritama makes me want to go fishing and I am terrified of fish, and boats make me nervous (I’m really good at hiding it–but deep down they both freak me out). That’s how great this series is. XD

Best of all? You can watch it on CrunchyRoll right now.

Tsuritama Episodes 1-5

I don’t even know where to start with this show. It’s amazing and I was not expecting it to be–it’s sort of that “Turned out to be Amazing even though I just clicked it for curiosity’s sake” shows.

Haru does chores.

I can’t remember the last time “trouble” was this adorable.

Funny story though–THIS is the series I thought I’d be watching when I saw Princess Jellyfish a while back. When I first saw the ad for Princess Jellyfish, and read the initial description (before I saw the trailer, mind you), I thought it was about a girl who met an alien Jellyfish Princess who would change her life. Well, replace Alien with Cross-Dresser and you get the same thing–just without all the sci-fi stuff. Don’t get me wrong, it was an amazing series and I adored every second, but there was always that slight disappointment that it wasn’t the sci-fi alien plot line I went in for.

Tsuritama provided that. It is exactly what I wanted & man does it deliver. So here we go:

Yuki Drown

When Yuki gets anxious, it’s symbolized by drowning him in water–when something happens to break him free from his anxiety, he bursts forth from the water. It’s a really amazing effect & one of my favorite parts of the gorgeous animation.

The plot revolves around Haru, an Alien, determined to make Yuki, his new best friend, an amazing fisher to help catch a certain fish he’s after (against the advice of his more sensible sister, Coco–who thinks he can do better). There’s something about saving the world, but we’re still trying to get Yuki to fish, so the save the world plot will have to wait until later. In the meantime, Haru insists on getting help from their classmate Natsuki, who is secretly the Fishing Prince (a title he despises)! Natsuki is reluctant to be seen with the class ‘oddballs’, but eventually relents when he realizes they’re serious about learning. As he teaches Yuki and Haru to fish, we get to see all three boys grow and learn something about not only themselves, but what it means to interact and be friends with other people–whether it’s Haru learning to give people their space, Yuki learning to say what he’s thinking, or Natsuki learning to be patient with others.

And of course, lurking alongside them all, there’s Yamada–the Indian boy with a duck. Unless the opening is lying, he’s our forth main character & I can’t wait for him to start taking more screen time and becoming a full time member of our crew~ He’s already adorable in his own right, and who doesn’t love Tapioca (his duck)? Sadly though, it looks like he’s more involved with the save-the-world side of the plot, so his big parts are probably yet to come.

But all that matters, is Alien!Haru is the most adorable thing ever (he’s like a hyperactive little kid), and we’ve got the makings of bromance amazing-ness. Heck, it’s already there–it just has room to grow, and you know how I love that.  I don’t know, but what I like most of all is probably how much I connect to Yuki. He’s socially anxious around new people, and I immediately connected with him–because I know how he feels. I freeze up the same way (though I recover outwardly much faster), and seeing him get over it and past those feelings is great. You really want him to learn how to fish and catch the bass and when he manages to really make friends with Natsuki–it’s just an amazing thing.

Teaching to Fish

Also, not joking. Natsuki teaches them to fish on screen. It really makes you want to go grab a rod and reel. I’m endlessly amazed they made this interesting and fun. XD

Words really don’t do it justice. I’m five episodes in and really excited for more. I’m almost terrified this will be a 12 episode series, because I want more already. I can’t wait to see where the series main plot (you know, save the world) actually goes, and right now I’m loving every minute. If you like some great humorous, feel-good, coming out of your shell story–come right on in. If you just like comedy? Come for that, too. The series is hilarious on top of all the ‘aw’ moments.

It’s got it’s serious side too, though, and there’s one plot line involving Yuki’s grandmother I’m assuming will end in tears–but we’ll see where that goes. It could honestly go either way, though the more gut-punch ending is looking more likely considering how high and happy Yuki has become in five episodes. I look forward to it either way.

Anyway–go watch it.

Tsuritama Dance

Also, the opening is absurdly addictive and adorable. The dance they do is so cute!

Edit 7/7/12: I have seen episodes 6-12. Just. Just go watch it. I’d do a post on it, but then I’d have to spoil things for you and I just can’t bring myself to do that. All you need to know is the rest of the series goes completely crazy, but it’s awesome & words really won’t do it justice if I try and explain. Go watch it. Just do it.

Author #12 – Children of Hephaestus Cover

Children of Hephaestus Cover

It makes you want to read it, yes? Yes!?

So, I know I’ve been a bit quiet on the book front lately, but that’s because there wasn’t much interesting to talk about. I’ve been working on three or four things at once and spending all that time putting off the final edits of Children of Hephaestus before I format it for print–but that’s all changed because I finished those edits–which means I can show you something great!

Because, as you can see to your left, I have an awesome cover and that’s worth a blog post to show!

If you follow my Deviant Art account, you may have seen my attempts to do the book cover for Children of Hephaestus myself here and here.

I think we can all agree hiring out was probably the better option. Especially since I love the final result and I can not wait to see it on a printed book. :3

Where did I get this awesome cover you may ask? Why, Andrew of Design for Writers! Not only was he amazing in helping me through the process of how ordering the cover works, but he also took the extra efforts to make sure I got exactly what I wanted & more importantly–what was right for the book. I was particularly impressed with his patience and friendly attitude when confronted with my pickiness. :D I’d use him again in a heartbeat, and if you’re in need of a cover (or website), I’d drop him a line. :)

Now. Just need to format the book, send the proofs out for that one last typo check…and then you all can have it! XD

Children of Hephaestus 3D Cover

Plus, a 3D cover wrap-around was included! How cool is that? :D (It's cool right? I'm not just easily impressed, right? Yeah. I'm right. It's cool.)

Rinzler and More Transformers!

So, it’s been a while since I showed off some toys…and since someone caught me buying Transformers figures to day and gave me a funny look because I’m twenty-seven…I figured this was a good time to go “YES, I COLLECT TOYS, WORLD, LEAVE ME ALONE” in an immature and blog-worthy fashion. :D As you can tell by the all-caps. I’m very hyper today and you’ll probably notice…

Moving on.


Fear Rinzler

Rinzler. Also known as Tron gone awesome.

Well, don’t get me wrong, Tron was always a pretty rad guy and he always had a set of moves–but let’s face it, in Legacy he took a level in badass.

You may have noticed I have a preference for Rinzler over Tron. *cough* It’s probably the helmet. Or the purring. Or the bad boy thing. Or the fanfiction potential between him and S–

Figure. This is a figure of Rinzler and I found it on sale. Isn’t he just the cutest? :D

(Phew. No one caught my slip. Ha ha ha. And no one will ever know because I’m being so sneaky and…I’m typing out loud aren’t I?)

Hey look! Hexadecimal thinks he’s a stud too! *throws distraction at everyone*


She thinks he's a stud, too. And hey! They could actually get together!

Okay. Enough of that. The rest of these are from TRANSFORMERS.

I got a tiny Starscream. He’s the perfect size ratio to the Skyfire (Jetfire to those who jus tread the toy boxes and didn’t pay attention to the G1 show) figure I already had. Being a huge fan of the uh, Starscream & Skyfire bromance…the following was unavoidable:

Starscream and Skyfire

Don't you like me?

You can’t blame Starscream for wanting his buddy back. Skyfire might be the only person who’s ever really cared about him.

Starscream Gets Closer

Come on~ You know you like me!

And Starscream is stubborn. Skyfire shall cave!

Starscream and Skyfire cuddle


Jet Snuggles have commenced. Transformers is the only fandom where jets can snuggle. *shoves them together and giggles like a five year old who discovered pixy sticks*



Thundercraker: He's Mr. Serious and Thinks Too Much

(Would you believe I found that at Khols of all places?)

Hmm. Another Decepticon good at getting all your attention? Well Soundwave of Course!

Soundwave and Laserbeak

Soundwave and Laserbeak. Insert "Awwwww" here.

His Prime!Version is probably my favorite version of the character. He’s got an amazing amount of personality for a guy who never says anything. And the toy confirms the little thing that pops off his chest is Laserbeak. Something I was never quite sure of, but never bothered to look up officially.


Look! It's Chromia Arcee!

Look! It’s Arcee! And I didn’t have to resort to Ebay to get her! XD I literally walked by the shelf and went “That can’t possibly be what I think it is.” *yoinks toy off rack* “…This is Arcee.” *scours shelf for another one* “YES.”

Now all I need is an Arachnid figure to come out. For…reasons. That won’t involve a camera. *cough*

I still wish they just would have kept her name as Chromia. Because come on. Prime!Arcee is Chromia. She’s even the right color! XD

Battle of the Arcees

Chromia vs Arcee! Because if it was Arcee vs Arcee they'd both be pink.

I’m starting to think I shouldn’t be allowed to have a camera near action figures. Just be happy I’ve never gotten into the photo-comics game. Or else you’d get a storyline that makes this possible:

Arcee x Soundwave

He's such a good listener.

*runs away cackling madly into the night*