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On October 3, 2009 I participated for the first time in the 24 Hour Comic competition - a self challenge where the goal is to create 24 pages of a comic in 24 hours forming a complete story.

I decided to participate on a whim around 10pm the night before, so I went in with 2 hours of sleep and a goal of actually finishing something. Then, I too set out to finish 24 inked & lettered pages in 24 hours. I started at Midnight on the dot October 3rd ended up finishing with time to spare by around 10 or 11pm before midnight on the 4th. It's all a little fuzzy as I wasn't running on all cylinders at the time, but I do remember being coherent enough to show up on TGT Webcomics for a quick interview. You can listen to me in Part One of Episode 66.5 in my exhausted state.

From what I remember, I sketched everything out on paper first (four thumbnails per page) and scanned those sheets. Next I popped open photoshop and went through and drew frames for all 24 pages. The second run through was for inking. The third was text and word bubbles. Finally, I went through and added shading and a bit more details to clean things up. I finished around 11 o'clock and hit the hay so I could wake up for church the next day.

Either way, I think the challenge was a success and I'm proud of the work that came from it. I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I had drawing it.

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