Autocad is…

AutocadĀ  is Illustrator on Crack.

This has become my new favorite phrase as of late. I spent about 3-4 hours yesterday getting trained in the basics of Autocad at work and today I spent 8 hours cleaning building diagrams in said program. (Did I mention I’m an administrative assistant?)

Anyway, it’s a decent enough program – the input system is horrid and archaic, but it does allow you to control all the widths and use measurements that you could probably do in Illustrator but with much more headaches.

In either case, apparently I’m picking it up quickly. Hurrah. But I swear that hidden files that I can’t see even when the layer is ‘on’ are going to be the death of me. They’re so evil. *_*

And Sweeny Todd is addictive.

In other news, I’ve been listening to the Sweeny Todd movie soundtrack on loop since I first saw the movie. It’s sooo wonderful. Go buy it. It’s worth it.

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