Obsidian of Ruby

Obsidian of Ruby Cover

Series: Obsidian of Ruby, Book #1


Approximately 61,000 words.

Obsidian of Ruby (Obsidian of Ruby #1)

Back of Book Summary:

Glass Shrieks Fill The Air.

One of the most feared Great Dragons of the land, the Obsidian of Ruby terrifies with ease. With scales made of obsidian, this dragon is responsible for the theft of untold treasures, and the deaths of thousands.

Lady's Father Included

Sworn for revenge, Lady has trained her entire life to be a fierce and capable Dragon Slayer. Nothing will stop her from tracking down this Great Dragon in his lair and taking his head.

And Then She Meets Amadeus

A noble from the Ruby Mines, home to the Great Dragon, Amadeus proves himself useful as an escort and link to the Obsidian of Ruby. The man also proves to be unfairly attractive, and Lady finds herself wanting to see more of him.

Together they travel to the Ruby Mines, and Lady discovers more than dragons to fight when Amadeus worms his way into her heart.


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