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Novellas are hearty treats that pack more punch than a short story, but aren't quite the length of a full novel. I hope you enjoy them!

Novellas listed here in alphabetical order.

The Candlemaker's MermanThe Candlemaker's Merman (The Candlemaker's Merman #1) : Phillip is in over his head after he frees a Merman from his Boss' clutches! The merman's decided to get revenge for being held captive, and Phillip is going to help him whether he likes it or not!

Fiction/Fantasy. Approx. 26,000 words.

Every Door Is LockedEvery Door Is Locked : All Klawisz wants to do is find his room, but the hotel has other plans. That certainly won't stop him though, and Klawisz will do whatever it takes to get home, even if it means fighting monsters or the staff!

Fiction/Survival Horror. Approx. 29,000 words.

Fairies and HoneyFairies and Honey : Diana finds herself falling in love with a man who chooses to dress like a bee. It seems blind dating can bring some winners after all!

Fiction/Romance. Approx. 32,000 words.

The Smoker's SourceMan On The Other End (Knight's Pack #1) : Alfie Knight fixes computer problems. But he may be in over his head when his latest client turns out to be a hired killer for the mob--and insists on taking Alfie with him for a hit!

Fiction/Crime Fiction. Approx. 38,000 words.

The Smoker's SourceThe Smoker's Source : Inmate Francis Ellis Hackney can't live without his smokes--good thing the guard Oliver Blake is so keen on supplying them.

Fiction/Friendship/Prison Drama. Approx. 26,000 words.