Liliy - Me! :D You can't tell 'cause it's a sketch but my hair is teal. Heh.

Welcome to Patchwork – a blog by Liliy

Current Banner Image:

Patchwork’s current banner features Ben & Éclat from my webcomic WaM! :D You can see the full sized version over on my DA Gallery here.

The Blog:

Here, you can hear about just about everything from what’s new for my domain, liliy.net, to what anime I’ve been watching or what manga I’ve been reading. And a whole bunch of patches of other things that make up the quilt that is Liliy.

It’s a horrible pun, I know. But I like it and hopefully you do, too.

Oh, you wanted actual Bio stuff?

Um, been active on the internet since the year 2000 running fan websites up until around 2004/5 where I started to concentrate on my own original works.

I draw a Webcomic, The Adventures of Wiglaf & Mordred aka WaM.

In the future I hope to be self-publishing a few novels. :)

Thanks for visiting!