Here’s a few links to my other accounts at other related sites. It’s mostly artwork and fan related – but that’s fun, too. Come drop by and leave a comment and/or a review. ^^

Or you could just go to my main domain and check that out since I link everything from there: LILIY.NET

Username @ Website: Information and Comments.

Liliy @ Tumblr: A much more active blog. Pretty much all my fangirling and fan-related posts are here now.

Liliy @ Deviantart: This is where I store all of my artwork for public viewing including sketches, flash tests and examples, and just about everything else. I’ve been on the site since 2003 and I love it and the upgrades it’s made. Gotta love the DA! You can also buy my prints here!

GreyLiliy @ I enjoy writing fanfiction. It’s an easy way to relax and to work on writing skills without putting too much thought into it. In any case, it’s fun and I hope that you can enjoy my work!