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Cupcake Love Theme

Hey! Some of you guys may have noticed that Patchwork has a yummy new theme.

Mike (Of Maikeron.com and the man behind Webcomic & Inkblot) has created this new theme for the WordPress Theme directory (which should be submitted shortly.)

I think it looks rather dapper and I love the cupcake wrapper header and footer. Now all I need is to draw a new image for the header. :)

Maybe I’ll update more now that I actually like the theme. XD

Patchwork v1.0 Strawberry v2

Otherwise titled “Patchwork Lovin'”

I finally got sick of looking at the old broken layout I created. So I yanked out the classic theme and started modifying that instead of working from scratch like last time. I like to think the results are much better.

Still calling the layout the same thing though; v1.0 Strawberry was a work in progress anyway. And so is this one.

Enough of that. *stretch* Layout’s not broken anymore. All that matters.

Patchwork v1.0 Strawberry

Ha ha! I finally made my own WordPress theme. Hurrah and cheers!

This tutorial was a great help. I couldn’t have made this without that; or Mike’s nagging. Nagging is an amazing motivator. You want to get everything done so they’ll shut up. >.> 1

But anyway. The current layout is an homage to Death Note. If you’ve read DN, you’ve probably guess that by now since L is sitting on the top of the page. At first, the entire homage was just going to be a Strawberry theme; then I started the header image and L just popped off my tablet pen. So now it’s a fanart!homage…I like it. But not nearly as much as the little Strawberrys that I’m using at bullet points. So, I’ve got the adorable L on the top of my page, and his favorite fruit as bullets. Hurrah!! Now go read Death Note.

The true irony of this layout is I don’t even like L that much. Well, I like him, he’s just very far down on my list of favorite characters in order which goes something like: Rem, Ryuk, Light, Misa, Matsuda, Mikami, L….etc. You’d think one of them would get a theme first. XD

Anyway, the layout is constantly being tweaked since it’s my first one; so if you see anything particularly horrible let me know in a comment on this post. Thanks!


You can thank Mike for the awesome Rollover Header. :D He taught me the CSS to do it, plus he was the one that requested that second image…and now Light is in the layout. Ha ha. But yes, isn’t it cool? *_*

  1. This is a joke. XD