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Book, Blogs, and New Themes


I figured it was about time for a post, because–why not? It’s been forever and a day as is. Let’s face it, Twitter, Deviantart, and all those other places keep a person busy!

So I added another thing to my list of things I don’t keep up with. Hurrah!

That’s right, I have a Tumblr now. What can you find there? Sketches, reblogs of cool stuff, the usual. But I think I’ll keep longer stuff and posts on this blog so it doesn’t get lonely.

Next up, updated my WordPress, so I went ahead and updated my theme. You like it? I kinda do. WordPress always has such nice default themes. XD

Last but not least — a plug for my book.

Children of Hephaestus for $4.99! Buy it! :D Do it now!

Paperback here (Aka a very nice trade paperback copy). Kindle here (For your Amazon Kindle, or accompanying computer/web apps). And EPUB here (Works on iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and well…every other ebook reader)!

You’re awesome. Thanks and goodnight. *bows out*

Writing Snips #1: Children of Hephaestus Chapter 1

Children of Hephaestus Cover

Edit (10/21/12): You can still read the first chapter here, but I should probably mention it’s on sale now!  

So, in celebration of (finally) being very, very close to actually getting Children of Hephaestus out on sale–since it’s finally done-done–I’ve decided to post the first Chapter before the book is out officially, just because you guys are awesome!

This is by  no means a stunt to hopefully get you interested in the book so you’ll buy it the second I get the copies out for sale & printed. Nope. None of that here. *coughs discretely to the side*

Either, way! Check below the cut for the entire first Chapter of Children of Hephaestus! Thanks for reading!! :D

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