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Book, Blogs, and New Themes


I figured it was about time for a post, because–why not? It’s been forever and a day as is. Let’s face it, Twitter, Deviantart, and all those other places keep a person busy!

So I added another thing to my list of things I don’t keep up with. Hurrah!

That’s right, I have a Tumblr now. What can you find there? Sketches, reblogs of cool stuff, the usual. But I think I’ll keep longer stuff and posts on this blog so it doesn’t get lonely.

Next up, updated my WordPress, so I went ahead and updated my theme. You like it? I kinda do. WordPress always has such nice default themes. XD

Last but not least — a plug for my book.

Children of Hephaestus for $4.99! Buy it! :D Do it now!

Paperback here (Aka a very nice trade paperback copy). Kindle here (For your Amazon Kindle, or accompanying computer/web apps). And EPUB here (Works on iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and well…every other ebook reader)!

You’re awesome. Thanks and goodnight. *bows out*

Writing Snips #1: Children of Hephaestus Chapter 1

Children of Hephaestus Cover

Edit (10/21/12): You can still read the first chapter here, but I should probably mention it’s on sale now!  

So, in celebration of (finally) being very, very close to actually getting Children of Hephaestus out on sale–since it’s finally done-done–I’ve decided to post the first Chapter before the book is out officially, just because you guys are awesome!

This is by  no means a stunt to hopefully get you interested in the book so you’ll buy it the second I get the copies out for sale & printed. Nope. None of that here. *coughs discretely to the side*

Either, way! Check below the cut for the entire first Chapter of Children of Hephaestus! Thanks for reading!! :D

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Author #12 – Children of Hephaestus Cover

Children of Hephaestus Cover

It makes you want to read it, yes? Yes!?

So, I know I’ve been a bit quiet on the book front lately, but that’s because there wasn’t much interesting to talk about. I’ve been working on three or four things at once and spending all that time putting off the final edits of Children of Hephaestus before I format it for print–but that’s all changed because I finished those edits–which means I can show you something great!

Because, as you can see to your left, I have an awesome cover and that’s worth a blog post to show!

If you follow my Deviant Art account, you may have seen my attempts to do the book cover for Children of Hephaestus myself here and here.

I think we can all agree hiring out was probably the better option. Especially since I love the final result and I can not wait to see it on a printed book. :3

Where did I get this awesome cover you may ask? Why, Andrew of Design for Writers! Not only was he amazing in helping me through the process of how ordering the cover works, but he also took the extra efforts to make sure I got exactly what I wanted & more importantly–what was right for the book. I was particularly impressed with his patience and friendly attitude when confronted with my pickiness. :D I’d use him again in a heartbeat, and if you’re in need of a cover (or website), I’d drop him a line. :)

Now. Just need to format the book, send the proofs out for that one last typo check…and then you all can have it! XD

Children of Hephaestus 3D Cover

Plus, a 3D cover wrap-around was included! How cool is that? :D (It's cool right? I'm not just easily impressed, right? Yeah. I'm right. It's cool.)

Author #11 – Distraction

Yeah, nothing major to report.

I must fear success or being published or something–because the sooner I am to finishing editing this draft, the more I don’t want to touch it.

And I distract myself with anything humanly possible in the meantime (in this case, it would be Princess Jellyfish and the 2011 re-telling of Hunter x Hunter).

It’s an interesting phenomenon.

On the bright side, I work well under pressure. So once my real due dates start popping up I’ll probably turn everything around.

My favorite example being a project in middle school. We had half a semester to put together a project–and there was enough work to warrant that much time–I did it overnight the day before it was due. Completely. The teacher praised it as ‘This wasn’t done overnight’ because it fulfilled all requirements and looked good–never mind I spent all night working on it. I was amused (my parents were not), and I think it’s always stuck with me.


On the bright side, the book cover for Children of Hephaestus is coming along and I can’t wait to see what the designer comes up with.

Author #10 – Self-Editing is Heck

Somewhere, someone is looking at my title and going “Well, duh. What did you expect, idiot?”

To them I reply…nothing. There’s no come back that won’t make me sound like a dork. (Which I am, but I digress.)

The point! I have learned quite a bit about myself and my self-editing style during this first novel experience–in particular, I still have no grasp on properly extrapolating how long it’ll take me to finish editing–as my (saint of an) editor has heard with “You’ll get it tomorrow…maybe the day after…” at least once every day the past…week?

There’s a reason this bugs me. I’m usually pretty good at figuring out how long it’s going to take me to do something whether it’s my CAD work or anything else–

With my comic–I can say without a doubt that I can plot, sketch, ink, color, shade, highlight & letter a complete WaM strip in 2 to 5 hours depending on the complexity and how badly I’m abusing copy-paste that day. Folks who tune into my streaming sessions will vouch that this is true as I’ve been consistently drawing WaM’s individual strips in 2 to 5 hours three times a week for like six years. I got that down.

Writing? I can knock out 1500-5000 words in an hour (assuming that’s all I’m doing). I know that.

Editing? Man is that a monster rearing its ugly head I’ve never met before. Reading out loud–I might manage to get a few pages every ten minutes with mark ups, but even that varies depending on the page. When I finally gave up on reading out loud and just read on paper (still caught a ton of stuff by the way) to try and meet my ever pushed forward deadline–I still only cut that time down by maybe a third. It’s ridiculous, and I’m sure authors everywhere are just shaking their heads as this is probably the norm.

The worst part? While I finished the hand-written mark-ups, I find myself re-editing what I edited when I transfer it over to the typed copy which takes even more time I hadn’t factored into the schedule. Scrivener (I love this software), color codes my revision edits–so I’ll notice a huge chunk that hasn’t changed since draft one and go “…that can’t be perfect” and re-read it again–BAM! I’m fixing things again and my hand-written mark ups get further and further from being transferred over.

On the one hand? The writing is turning out for the better because of the slow going. I got an unexpected text from my editor seeing a sample of my edits and said my work improved “8 fold” — that’s a big deal. So, in the long run, this is for the best for the readers and my novel–in the short run, I’m ripping my hair out because I lack patience and this is taking for–e–ver.

To top it all off? Somewhere lingering with about 100 pages of mark-ups left (out of 300)–I went: “My first chapter is weak and it needs fixing–it doesn’t even match the format of the rest of the book! Oh, ouch, the characterizations are horrible, too! He’d never say that… Why don’t I have many edits here…oh yes. It’s not even remotely salvageable and I just kept putting it off”

. So, last night I scrapped 80% of the first chapter of Children of Hephaestus and rewrote–I plan to edit what I re-wrote today. (It is soooo much better now. What on earth was I thinking before, am I right?)

The point of this entire post is that I’m still editing about two days after my original deadline (two weeks if we’re counting that original December 31st deadline), and I’ve learned to start adding about two weeks to when I think I’m going to be done as a buffer before I tell my editor when she’s getting something.

You know, like the rest of the known world when they’re setting deadlines. :D