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Early Christmas – REBOOT

…I should be asleep. But I realized I’d been putting this off for a few days and decided I needed to do it now. XD

I…have no patience for Christmas presents. XD I already got my gift from my parents and my buddy Jay’ sent hers early…which is what this post is about:

Hello Kitty

Fear the Awesome

Ha ha. Just kidding. That’s a Hello Kitty Ty doll my Mom bought me yesterday as an early christmas gift. XD *snuggles Watermelon Hello Kitty*

But no, CageyJay got me these lovelies:

The Real Awesomes

That’s right. She got me freaking Glitch Bob and Hexadecimal figures. I think I had a mini freakout session when I opened the gift packaging. XD

You see, ‘Jay is awesome that way – she always remembers the most random facts. Such as I shipped these two like crazy back when I watched Reboot. Obsessively. So….yeah.

More pictures!

Bob and Hexadecimal

Here's Looking At You

Hexadecimal and Bob

And Back At You

Hex Tackles Bbo

Obligatory Tackle Shot

Alright. I’m done. I love toys. XD Thanks ‘Jay! *snuggles them*

LoveBots – OP x BA

It’s that time again~ Where I post pictures of a figure I got. XD

This time around it’s that special two-pack from Wal-Mart (That I had to get from Ebay b/c my Wal-Mart refused to carry it…no really. I check every week and they never have a single TFA toy. >_<)

And not just any two-pack! But my favorite couple from TFA!!! That’s right. Optimus Prime x Blackarachnia.

It's blue tinted because I don't know how to work my camera.

If you know me well, you know that I can’t watch anything without shipping something – and Optimus Prime x Elita-1 has always been a OTP. So…naturally it carries over into TFA (even if Blackarachnia x Silverbolt is my OTP for Beast Wars…. Why do you mess with me so TFA!?)

Anyway, the figures are great even if Blackarachnia is a little hard to model. But I love ‘Battle Damage’ Prime. Makes him look manly.

OP is whipped.

Still whipped.

But he's still got a giant Ax.

And hey~ It's OP's lady. Gotta' give her the lovin.

Anyway. I’d take more pictures but I’m out of time. So now they’re just cuddling on my desk next to Arcee & Blurr.

Arcee. Rules.

Making Arcee a Toys R’ Us exclusive was the cruelest thing I think Hasbro could have done to the Animated Toy line.

That said – I looked for her in Toys R’ Us. I looked for her quite often. But, I work normal hours which means I could never make it to the store on delivery days. So, thanks to other rabid fans and scalpers – I was out of luck.

And I refused to pay $30+ or more before shipping for a $12 figure.

Well, one day I got lucky. I was browsing Ebay and saw one for $10, I went ‘okay’ and went ahead and bid. I got outbid immediately so curious of the other person’s High Bid – I went all the way up to $21. And then – I find an Arcee for $9.50 that ends in 20 minutes. I went ‘what the hell?” and bid. And ended up winning her for $11. I was freakishly happy and if you follow my Twitter you probably heard me squealing. (Thankfully someone who knows who he is outbid me on the other figure. XD)

She arrived in the mail and I am, very very happy. This is a nice figure and well worth it. They really should have printed more of her because she would have sold out no matter what.

But – I’m going to show you pictures of the other Toys R’ Us Exclusive figure first just to hold out the suspense! :D

Cybertron Mode Ratchet – I actually found him in the store. And he’s a cutie:

Cybertron Mode Ratchet


But none of you care about him (as noted by the fact there’s still another figure of him sitting on the shelf in my local Toys R’ Us…) So here’s Arcee!!

Animated Arcee Poses

She is Hard. Core.

I was not a huge fan of Arcee in G1 – sure I adored her paired up with Springer (OTP!) but she was mostly just there. And that thing with her and Daniel later in the series was just plain creepy. Animated Arcee – now her I liked. She was still meek and modest, but you could tell she was well, useful. Girl was a school teacher! You know she had some brass.

Animated Arcee Poses

She glitters.

And let’s face it – her Animated ReDesign was slick and probably called back to the original G1 design more than most of the cast. This figure just looks good – and it glitters. *_* (See, this is how Glitter is done Edward Cullen! Take some notes!)

Animated Arcee Poses


And best of all – the figure revealed some other fun stuff about her, like the fact her weapon of choice is dual swords. You know she used those on her students. :D

Ratchet and Arcee

Awesome Duo

And much the way Animated drives me crazy with screwing with my OTP’s (G1 Optimus x Elita-One & BW Silverbolt x Blackarachnia somehow morphing into TF:A Optimus x Blackarachnia) – it does it again messing with G1 Arcee x Springer to the above. Ratchet & Arcee in Animated are ridiculously adorable together.

Figures Battle

Blurr is Jealous

And now Blurr is jealous because he’s no longer my favorite TF:A figure. It’s okay, Blurr! Your’e still the second favorite!

More Transformers Figures

So, I got off work early today and tried to get some errands done. Buy a new purse (as much as I loved my disney donald & daisy purse…it was starting to fall apart…sadly.) mail a package and try and get a tiny dent in my Christmas shopping done.

Well, my Christmas shopping took me to a toy store (because my friends and family like toys as much as I do! Yay!) – Toys R’ Us. And I managed to knock two people off my list.

And well, you know me. Can’t go into a toy section now a days without looking at the Transfomers section (Especially with a 1 in 1000 chance of seeing that exclusive Toys R’ Us Arcee figure). And what did I see? Tons of movie figures (Doesn’t surprise me; the movie figures are kinda ugly…though I did sort of like Barricade). Tons of the younger aged toys (the ones for 5 and under) and the big expensive ones.

Transformers Animated Deluxe? Gone. There was one figure left – Oil Slick.

So I bought it.

I love his Chain Barrel Weapon

I love his Chain Barrel Weapon

It worked out well for me because I liked Oil Slick in his very brief appearance in the show, and of course he invented Cosmic Rust. Which is cool.

His Motor Bike Form Is Cool

His Motor Bike Form Is Cool

And the Ram Head on his bike/arm is way cooler than the Cybertronian looking one from the series. I love the horns.

Well, after securing Oil Slick – I went back to browse the movie figures and realized that most of the somewhat attractive ones were gone (Dead End had promise.) So I resigned myself to leaving the store.

And saw the giant stack of Ultra Magnus & Bulkhead Leader Class figures. And there, wedged between them was a movie deluxe figure. I nearly squealed – It was Bumblebee!!

It took me forever to get him out of car mode. XD I suck.

It took me forever to get him out of car mode. XD I suck.

I’ve never actually caught a Deluxe Bumblebee in a store. Out of all the BayVerse bots, Bumble bee is the only design I actually like. He’s cute, I like his mask and his door-wings are darling.

Anyway. I squee’d and snatched it up. So now you can adore his cute as well:

He is freaking adorable.

He is freaking adorable.

I need to stop looking at figures. XD This is getting as bad as my obsession with Gashapon figures…