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Katsucon 19 – 2013

It’s that time again! My Convention report! No pictures today ’cause…honestly I didn’t buy any figures this year, and that’s really the only reason I take pictures to show off. So…reading you shall!


I got to the convention on time this year. XD I only had an hour delay! Go me!

As soon as I got there, we stood in line and registered (The Pre-Reg line was longer than the normal registration when we got there, which is sort of funny, but true…). Followed quickly by a trip to the dealer’s room. A friend showed up while we were there, so we ditched and helped her unpack.

From there, it was the AMV competition! Two of the videos had technical difficulties, which sucked, but overall it was a good show with a lot of great entries. Though one of the filler, pre-show entries: Gaga For Bishies, made me laugh the most.

After AMV’s we went back to the room and crashed watching some Tron: Uprising. Bold because you should watch it. WATCH IT.

Friday night ended with a trip to the VIP Club on the 18 & 19th floors of the Gaylord Hotel…and then bed.


We finally hit the Artist’s Alley, where I got some awesome Tsuritama fanart. And you know how much I love Tsuritama. Then it was the Dealer’s room, where I actually behaved myself this year and only bought the Dark Souls Design Works art book, and a grab bag that I ended up giving the contents away to one of my roomies.

Oh! I got a plushie of Wheatley. That probably deserves a pic:

Wheatley Plush

Ain’t he cute? Yeah. He is. Let’s see. After Dealer’s Room, we hit Artist Alley & Ran into some fine folks at Tamuran and Snow by Night. I saw the TechnoAngel Crew’s booth, but didn’t say hi. xD But I saw them!

After that we tried to watch AMV Hell, but due to technological difficulties, we crashed the A Certain Scientific Railgun Video Room instead. Cute show. Might have to check out more later.

Then it was Dinner at the restaurant across from the hotel, and we returned in time for one more trip around Dealer’s and Artist Alley before heading to the showing of Hellsing: Ultimate Abridged. Funny stuff. (We also caught the end of an episode of Blood C. Violent stuff. XD)


Apparently a fire alarm went off early in the morning, but we all thought it was someone’s alarm clock and ignored it. When the ‘all clear’ went off an hour or so later, we…realized we’d slept through something. Oops.

Got all our crap in the car, and went one more time around Dealer’s & Artist’s Alley. Though this time, I stopped being blind and actually noticed Naki’s booth. XD I’ve been talking to her online for like 12 years, so it was really cool to put a face to her name and artwork. :D

I also got a Braeburn keychain from her. <3

We ended our con trip by attending the Symphonic Anime Orchestra performance. Good stuff for a group that was pretty much sight reading. XD Nice selection & a great end. :3

And I’m out. :D

Fangirl #24 – Just Text Today!

Posting for posting’s sake. Too lazy to grab some images, but hey! You’re hear to read anyway, right? That’s what I thought. Reading. Reading my writing. Which is text-based.

Moving on:

Fangirling away commencing now! And fair warning–I include shameless spoilers. Read at your own discretion. Mwa ha ha ha.

The Dark Knight Rises:

Good movie. It’s about on par with Batman Begins for me–I liked about 50% of it, and was frustrated with the rest. Second half of the movie is significantly better than the first half.

And I’ll give credit where credit is due: Hatheway was an okay Catwoman.

Entire movie was worth it for Jonathan Crane’s Cameo, Commissioner Gordon, and John Blake. <3

Supergirl #11:

I love this series so much. And Tom is adorable. Supergirl & Tom. Kara x Tom. I need more of this in my life.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #11:

Isabel. She must stay in this series and I love her space suit. She’s so cute. *cuddles*

Back to the Future:

This would be the true fangirling of the month. I marathoner all three movies, played through all five episodes of the Telltale game, looked up clips from the tv series here nd there, and have been diving into the fandom.

I forgot how much I loved Back to the Future. No, seriously. The movies completely hold up after all this time. They’re still amazing. I still remember all the scenes & grinned and smiled the entire set.

Marty is adorable. Doc is amazing. Their friendship passes the test of time, age, and all that fun stuff. Love it.

In conclusion: If you have not seen the entire Trilogy of Back to the Future–do so now. Watch all three. You won’t be disappointed. <3

Liliy is a Fangirl #17

Hey all!

Bit of a boring week actually. XD


I bought Detective Comics, Static Shock & Hawk & Dove #5, but I only read Hawk & Dove–which gets its own post. XD I’ll get to the other two by next week though. I’m still interested I was just distracted by…


Skyrim: Good lord this game is as addicting as everyone says it is. o_O The first time I played it a couple months ago, I played for like a solid eight hours. It was amazing. But I really, suck at this game, so I can only play with someone (my brother) next to me to steal the controller every once in a while.

I tend to get lost…

Anyway, I’m rocking’ the Dark Elf and loving Destruction Magic and Two-Handed (BATTLE AX). It’s awesome.

And I’m a little obsessed with jewelry in this game. MWA HA HA HA HA. *plays with her circlets*

Plants vs Zombies: I love this game. Though I hate the pool levels. XD *hugs her sunflowers*

Liliy Is A Fangirl #15

Today’s review is full of spoilers everywhere for just about everything. I also had to write this pretty quick, so expect a typo or two. Fair warning. XD


Watch this:

Did you watch it? Good.


SQUEE. That was flippin’ GRIMLOCK. 

War for Cybertron is quite possibly one of the best games I’ve ever played, and it has everything to do with the fact it is FULL of Transformers stuff from every single generation all merged together in this true to the Transformers feeling game of awesome. *breathes* And then I see the trailer for the sequel and it’s just gone baby. I’m on the verge of pre-ordering a game that’s over a year out because-damn.

That was Bruticus in the trailer. Bruticus! And Grimlock. And…and…the song! That I bought! And. I can’t even breathe. I squealed like a little girl who was just got told she was visiting Cinderella’s Castle (okay, so maybe that was just me–but I freaking love the Disney Princesses).

I can not wait for this game. Expect me to be playing through War of Cybertron a few more times this year. XD


Deathstroke #4: I don’t even think I can comment on the entire issue just because of the last scene. *twitch* But I’ll give it a go.

Cristoph Feels Old

He's got a point, Slade.

So we start out with Slade giving orders, blah blah blah, and Cristoph points out that he’s not in his twenty’s anymore and is having a hard time keeping up. It helped reinforce that Cristoph has been my favorite character since this series started, if only because he knows Slade well enough that he can well, gripe to him. How many people do you know who could complain and whine after seeing Slade kill a dozen people with ease on a highway, or pull off the jail thing at the beginning of this one?

And, to reinforce that even further, Slade takes it pretty well and gives Cristoph some time off. Literally, not time off as in ‘you’re dead,’ but time off that shows concern & promises a real, relaxing vacation. Awesome all around.

Slade Gives Cristoph Time Off

Yeah, I'd be asking that too, Cristoph.

Slade visits Peabody and finds out that the thing in the box is his son Grant’s mask & Grant might be alive and blah blah blah, Slade goes off to fight some Blackhawks for info. The original Ravager coming back? I can’t tell what I feel about that. All I know is if Grant comes back, we better get Joseph, too–because it would be a whole lot of fun to get the whole Wilson clan back together.

And then this happens:

Hello Cristoph


After this scene, the guest proceeds to stab Cristoph in the eye with a knife. He dies (presumedly). Why. WHY!? It’s only been four issues! Why is my favorite character dying already!? I know it’s going to happen eventually because that always happens to my favorite character but why now? *sobs*

The only way I will accept this is if Slade pitches a fit over Cristoph’s death. And I don’t mean a little ‘Oh, they’ll pay for messing with my stuff,’ I mean a full out ‘They killed one of my only friends and I’m going to hunt them down one by one!’ fury. *breathes*

Or he could have survived and now gets a nice eye patch to match Slade and the rest of the one-eyed Wilson clan. I’ll work with either.

Superboy #4: There was an issue of Superboy this week? XD

Ha ha, no. It was a calm reflective issue over Superboy taking a day off to cause trouble around the city while he thought about himself. Sort of the slow burn that Supergirl’s been up to lately, so it was nice.

I will say one thing though, the art in this issue went straight through the roof. Flat out gorgeous in every panel. R.B. Silva, Rob Lean & Richard Horie seriously outdid themselves. Awesome combination of players to create some of the prettiest artwork I’ve seen yet in the DC 52.

Superboy Fight

Love it.

The Power of Shazam #6-12: This series really picked up. Loved it. XD I might give The Power of Shazam it’s own little plug sometime. There’s a lot to cover. (*cough* Black Adam *cough*)

And that’s it for me. XD

Liliy is a Fangirl #5

Yeah, so #5 in the series and I’ve already started posting late. Heh. Yeah, Friday’s update didn’t happen b/c work was annoying and I spent all afternoon on:



Seriously, I’ve been in such a lousy mood all week all I did when I got home was play Minecraft from 6pm to 1am.

I made a bridge and started construction on an underwater base….the non-smart way. Heh. Let’s just say clearing soil with running water is difficult and I really should have thought that through. *cough*

Here’s some shots:

As you can see….I should have done some more dirt clearing around it. *cough* But that’s okay, b/c I have a heard of sheep:

Moving on.


This was the last week of the new DC 52 #1’s! Here’s what I thought:

Flash: Loved it. The artwork was amazing, the humor genuine in a different way than Red Hood, Barry Allen is adorable and I love stories that involve fighting friends. Plus, I get to see the Barry x Iris relationship from the start. Eeeee. (They’re cute.) Patty’s pretty cute too, so I’m looking forward to that little Betty & Veronica fun.

Superman: I couldn’t read this the first time through. It’s really, really text heavy. And it’s descriptive text and speeches. I sat down with it later and tried again with more success. Eh. I think this is the first title I’m just going to wait for the price drop to read the rest of… (So, 1 month behind.) We’ll stick with Action Comics for now.

Teen Titans: Yay!! My Tim is finally back. *hugs* And he’s kinda’ power crazy now. o_0 They definitely went straight with crazy!Red Robin Tim for this one. He’s now definitely a mini-Batman with (A reviewer said this and I can’t get it out of my head) that Ozymandias (Watchman) flair. He’s even got Ozy’s hair now. *cough* Anyway, he’s power crazy and takin’ down evil organizations by himself and realizing….he needs a team. Cue hunting down Wonder Girl (Darn it, Cassie! Accept your name!) and a fun little brawl with helicopters. Yay. Next week should be fun and we’re looming ever closer to Superboy vs Wonder Girl in Issue #3. :D

Aquaman: This was the shocker of the week. I grabbed it on a whim b/c I had heard good things about it and man, was it good. The “Aquaman Sucks” jokes may have gone on one page too long, but the adorableness of Aquaman just trying to order Lunch and having flashbacks of his dad made it all worth it. Plus, you know, his wife Mera. She rocks. And I love they took him back to before the beard and hook that…I don’t know. Aquaman just never felt right for me, but now that he’s young, responsible, and clean shaved again – I think we’re going to have a good long run together.

I also picked up a few other comics this week, Black Cat which I talked about in a separate post, and these two:

Detective Comics #843, Opening Night & 844, Curtains: This was sort of a random drive by pick-up. It’s basically the introduction of the new Ventriloquist, Peyton Riley. I’m going to clarify that I loved Arnold Wesker, so when I heard he died in the comics I was a little miffed. But, I wasn’t ready comics at that time so I still had the cartoons to keep me happy. I picked this up when I noticed that Paul Dini wrote it and that Zatanna was in it.

Loved all of it. Peyton’s story is moving, I loved seeing Scarface again, and Zatanna hitting on Batman/Bruce was great. <3


Batman: Under the Red Hood. I watched it again. Loved it again. Why haven’t you seen this movie yet?

One of these days I’ll list Finding Nemo properly considering Iv’e watched it an unhealthy number of times.